ANT01, a Phase IIa proprietary small molecule in the Prevention of Alzheimer Disease in well defined patients, is oriented to prevent in the US only at least 100.000 new AD cases per year by treatment of 1M patients life time. After 5 years of planned launch in 2030 and with a peak sales of 10B, this will save US healthcare costs by at least 50B giving ANT01 a very attractive value proposition.

Up till date, via clinical case studies, we were able to demonstrate that short term intervention with ANT01 led to a clinical relevant diminishment of the identified clinical risk factors for the development of Alzheimer Disease.

Objectives of ANT’ 2019-2022 Business Plan are:

  • Further Development & Validation of ANT’s Marker in Prevention of Alzheimer Disease (Milestone 1)
  • Proof of Concept Study in Prevention of Alzheimer Disease based on ANT’ Marker (Milestone 2)
  • Phase IIA Study with ANT’ Marker on ANT01 in Prevention of Alzheimer Disease (Milestone 3)

The Proceeds required for these milestones in a Series A investment round will add up to 50 M USD i.e.:

  • MS1: 5 M USD (tranche 1)
  • MS2: 15 M USD (tranche 2)
  • MS3: 30 M USD (tranche 3)

                     Dr. Erik Buntinx, CEO